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You need to know if the Text Your Ex Back program REALLY WORKS. Unlike many other reviews, I have bought the program and reviewed all the material. The proof is below: the most informative, genuine insider’s guide to the Text Your Ex Back program available.

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The Text Your Ex program, developed by Michael Fiore, is divided into 11 modules. The modules are designed in step-by-step fashion, each building on the one before it. In some of the modules, you are given “assignments” that you complete based on the details of your relationship with your ex. These assignments help you individualize the program to your relationship and prepare you for the modules in which you actually start texting your ex. For details on each module, see the “Module” section below.

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Text Your Ex Back comes with four bonuses:

  1. 100 Ready-To-Use-Texts

  2. Infidelity Buster

  3. Instant Forgiveness

  4. Facebook Romance Secrets

A girl shows a symbol of love destroyedOne thing I think most people will appreciate about text your ex back is how it leads you through the process of winning over your ex while keeping your oh-so-strong emotions in check. We all know how quickly things can spiral out of control when intense feelings of hurt, anger and embarrassment are involved.

Fiore understands this and makes dealing with emotions part of the training.

When I purchased the program, I expected a brief tutorial on the role of sms messaging in mending relationships and perhaps a list of nifty texts to get your ex back. What I received, however, was much more.

I was surprised by the depth of the training; it is essentially individual and group therapy, couples counseling and a smart guide on dealing with your ex through the power of texting, all wrapped into one program. You learn a lot about yourself, why your relationship fell apart and of course, how to mend it.

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What All Comes With The Text Your Ex Program?

  • Access to the content on Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Website

  • All 11 training modules

  • Bonus materials

    • 100 Ready-To-Use-Texts

    • Infidelity Buster

    • Instant Forgiveness

    • Facebook Romance Secrets

  • The 10 most frequently asked questions about the text your ex back program, answered by Michael Fiore

The 11 Training Modules

Before I review the details of each module, I want to explain the layout so that you will understand what you’re getting with each one. For each module you get the following:

  • An overview video by Michael Fiore. This is not a transcript of the material covered in the pdf version of the module. It is more like a short commentary; most of the videos are 3-5 minutes long

  • A text your ex back pdf–this is the detailed version of the training

  • An .mp3 version of the training–this is a transcript of the pdf, in audio format in case you want to listen in your car or otherwise on the go

  • PDF worksheets: In some of the modules, there are worksheets to download and fill out

  • Interaction with others going through a breakup: Each module has a dedicated page with a comment section to share your story and progress or comment on others’ posts. There is a lot of interaction. For example, at the time of this writing, there are nearly 7,000 comments on the Module 1 page.

Each Module Explained

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Module 1: Introduction

OP_textyourexbackreviews-240x300Module 1 is the introduction module. It starts with an overview of what the program is, who it is for and how to use it. This module also explains who Michael Fiore (the author of Text Your Ex Back) is and why you should pay attention to what he has to say.

Although the program is about getting your ex back, Fiore notes that you should only pursue your ex if you truly care about them, think you are good for one another and think the reasons for the breakup can be fixed or appropriately dealt with.

The module reviews the mandatory “rule” that must be followed in order to “reset” your relationship and make the rest of the program successful. The module ends with Fiore answering common questions about this particular step of the program. This is the first of four steps that prepare you for the actual texting part of the program—”Text Judo,” which starts in module 5.

Module 2: Dumper and Dumped

You were either the “dumped” or the “dumper.” In other words, either you broke up with your ex or they broke up with you. If you were dumped, the section “Top 7 Reasons Your Ex Might Have Given for Dumping You–And What They Really Mean” is for you. If you did the dumping, the “Typical Reasons You May Have Broken Up with Your Ex but Now Want Them Back” discussion is for you.

Based on the above, there is a short, 4-question worksheet that will help you learn from your breakup and take the next step in getting your ex back.

Module 3: The Big Goal

What are your goals for the relationship you want to regain with your ex? This step helps you to razor-focus your goals so that you will know the steps to take to get your ex back. This step is important because not everyone’s “big goal” is the same. For some, a single guy just wants to date his girl again. For others, marriage and kids may be the desired outcome.

The point is, this program is designed to work for anyone wanting to get their ex back, but your path to that goal may be different than someone else’s based on your goals for the relationship. Text Your Ex Back is flexible enough to work for any relationship scenario. That is where completing the worksheets and assignments comes in. You will follow the same format as everyone else, but it is your individual answers based on your relationship with your ex that will make the program work for YOUR situation.

Module 4: The Text Your Ex Back Flight Check

This is the last step before getting into the foundation of the program—”Text Judo.” Fiore uses the analogy of an airplane flight here, comparing taking off in a plane to being ready to actually text your ex. Even though you have prepared for the flight, you still need to do a flight check and make sure everything is ready before takeoff, because it would be much harder to correct issues once you are in the air.

In reconnecting with your ex, there are several “flight checks” that you need to take care of before communicating with them.

The idea is, your communication patterns (or lack thereof) before resulted in a breakup, so you’ll want to ensure you are doing it the right way this time. The flight check is your checklist to make sure you replace those old communications patterns with new ones that will set you up for the reconnection.

Module 5: Text Judo

Text Judo is the cornerstone of the Text Your Ex Back program. Fiore uses judo as another analogy here, in that a practitioner of judo uses the strength and momentum of an opponent to their advantage. Of course, your ex isn’t an opponent, but it may feel that way after a breakup. The point is, there are usually strong emotions—both positive and negative—associated with a breakup. Text judo leverages these strong emotions in your favor to help reconnect with your ex.

This section previews a few of the different types of texts you will use, along with the proper situation. Like some of the previous steps, Fiore provides a short worksheet to complete. The module 5 worksheet is the final worksheet to fill out, but the answers are used for the remainder of the program so it is very important to do a good job with it. Fiore gives a lot of examples and guides you along to help make sure you get the most out of this module.

Module 6: Across The Bow Texts

OP_romanticcoupleAcross the bow texts are “feeling out” texts you send after you have completed the steps in the previous stages. These are the beginning of recalibrating your relationship so they need to be well-planned and thought out, which, again, comes from the work done in Modules 1-4. These texts follow the G.E.A.R. system (explained in detail in the program).

Several example texts are given to help you craft the right one for your ex.

Once the text is sent, you will (hopefully) get a response. Fiore covers all the bases on what to do with each type of response, whether it is positive, neutral, negative or you get no response. Examples of each of these responses are given, as well as examples of how to respond to them. Along with the wording of texts, timing is everything as they say. Fiore discuses how much time you should wait before responding and the rationale behind the strategies.

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Modules 7-11

Coming soon! I haven’t had the chance to get these summaries for you, but check back soon and I’ll have them available.

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