Text The Romance Back 2.0 — My Candid Review Unleashed

text the romance backSo you have already heard about the Text the Romance Back relationship guide but are not really sure whether texting can really bring back passion and desire in your relationship again? Luckily, I have just read my pdf version of the program and am here to answer all of your questions concerning this eBook and audio guide. I will provide you with a short summary review of the materials and then we will go through a more detailed explanation of the chapters. In a hurry? Click To Visit TRB 2.0 Official Site Now

Summary | Text The Romance Back 2.0

For those of you who just want a quick summary, this section is for you. Text the romance back by Michael Fiore is a multimedia (pdf, .mp3 audio) romance manual primarily intended for people in relationships. But no worries – it can certainly be used by singles too. In Text The Romance Back 2.0, the program has been enriched with subchapters for singles and some real-life experiences of people who had previously read it. On the other hand, if you are trying to reconnect with someone that you used to be in a relationship with, the text your ex back program is probably a better choice for you. Text the romance back is divided into three main chapters. In the first part, there is a step-by-step introduction to the book. We are told who the book is intended and given a very thorough explanation of why Fiore chose text messages for his main topic. Here he admits his awareness of how crazy this subject might sound to readers—Using texts to reclaim romance? Really?! Next comes a little bit of psychology. This is the part of the book where you will learn the differences in the way of thinking between opposite genders, and will be asked to do the tricky part- a little bit of self-analyzing.

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The second part is getting down to business.  After the author had finally prepared us and got us “in the zone,” we are starting to have some real fun!  This includes a 30-day training program in texting techniques. The program is divided by weeks, with each week carrying different assignments. Each of the assignments are explained throughout the book through examples, showing you what to do and how to act in different texting situations. The last part is a variation of everything you will have learned to this point. Unlike the main content, it is written for singles, people just starting a relationship and for those who already have a long distance relationships behind them. If you are in one of these categories, you may also want to check out my review of Claire Casey’s Capture His Heart.


                Above: TRB 2.0 Author Michael Fiore on the Rachael Ray Show

Chapter 1- What You Need To Know Before You Text

The purpose of this chapter is to introduce you to the process. The author explains who this program is written for and what is so magical about text messages.  Believe me, there is much more logic and reasoning to it than you could ever imagine. If you’re like me and are not really comfortable with getting emotional trough text messages, the author proposes a few alternative ideas to help us express ourselves. The main point in this chapter is to learn to let go of all those things that have led you to read this book in the first place. This chapter is about forgiving, accepting that men do not function the same way as we ladies do, and about learning to like yourself.

Chapter 2- The 30-Day Program Revealed

As the most important part of Text the Romance Back, this chapter has its own intro. Here the author provides us with more guidelines which will help better your understanding of what comes next and how the texting works. This is probably the most tense part because you are just a few minutes away from what you have been waiting for so long. Click here to start the getting the romance back.

  • Week One

We are introduced to the first two methods, learning to use them separately and combined. This is about showing your partner that you appreciate, love and desire him. You will also learn a lot of interesting stuff about human senses, but in a bit more intimate context.

  • Week Two

In this week it is time to establish more interaction. This is done by texting “curiosity magnets” and “bait questions.” Don’t worry; this will make sense when you read the material. These techniques encourage your partner’s imagination, which develops further communication.

  • Week Three

This is the week when you are getting advanced. You will learn how to massage your partner with text messages, not literally though. The second method is learning to use the “relationship time machine” which, I have to warn you, may get you a little bit emotional. From this point until next week, these techniques are being considered advanced because they are not just short messages any more – it’s about details now.

  • Week Four

In the last week it is time to move to pure eroticism.  There is no dirty stuff in this section, however the author warns you that if you don’t feel comfortable around this kind of content, you should just skip it. Long story short, this is the part that leads you to digital foreplay. In each week you will find a lot of word-for-word text message examples that you can use, hypothetical conversations between the partners, sections for male/female only, practical advice, weekly assignments and so on…  

Chapter 3- Variations

Until now, all the talking was mostly aimed at standard relationships.  Variations are reserved for all the other folks. This chapter holds the combinations of methods applicable for both long-term relationships and singles. Here lies the answer to the question “How early is it too early to send a message after you meet someone?”  You will also get a lot of good advice and message samples that could determine the course of your next relationship.

Cons (—)

After reading Text the Romance Back, there isn’t a lot to really complain about. One thing that bothered me a little bit is that, in some ways the guide is standard relationship psychology, only told in a more modern way—updating the methods to implement text messaging techniques. People that are looking for a quick fix will be disappointed. There is definitely work that has to be done and a timeline to be followed in the strategy. texttheromanceback.com

Pros (+)

On the other hand, I really enjoyed reading this book- it was easy to read, it had elements of humor and I felt like author Michael Fiore was addressing me as a friend. And what really impressed me is that he did not hesitate to share details from his own relationship in order to get closer to his reader.  I think such an approach can give a lot of comfort to someone who is going trough rough times in his/her relationship.

The Verdict: Will It Work?

Every relationship is different and sadly, there are no guarantees that a romance can be rekindled. That said, I believe Text Your Ex Back can be a much-needed roadmap back to real romance. Many women—and of course men also—make a lot of decisions based on emotions during romantic unrest, making matters even worse. That brings me to the biggest advantage to this program. Since it is developed by an experienced relationships coach, it allows you to take a smart, reasonable and methodical approach, which helps curb the strong emotions you are experiencing. This in turn allows your relationship a better than average chance of not only surviving, but thriving. If the program is not for you, there is a 60-day refund policy, as long as you order from the official website for the program. If you want to learn more, visit this link: Safe, Verified Link To Official Text The Romance Back Website

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