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dating help for menPeople often find themselves frustrated with their romantic relationships after the “honeymoon” period has ended. While the comfort and ease of an established relationship is something to be treasured, it still needs to be earned. It isn’t an organic process, and you can encounter a lot of bumps along the way.

Letting things go without working on them is a pretty good way to lose your girlfriend. If your girlfriend is dissatisfied or bored with the relationship, then she may end up checking out emotionally. This is a bad sign – it means that a break-up is probably not too far away. The following relationship advice for men can keep your relationship going strong even after the initial period of dizzying infatuation has long since passed.

Date Her Again

Even if things are stable and happy in your relationship, it’s always a good idea to inject a bit of adventure and funrelationship advice for men into it in order to keep things alive. Maybe you’ve been going to the same bar every Tuesday night for the last six months. It might be nice to have a bit of a ritual, but the concept should matter more than the location.

Surprise her with a lunch date when she’s at work. Send her flowers if she’s out of town to visit family. Take her out to where you had your first kiss. Ultimately, you need to think of it as “dating all over again”. Remind her of the length, time and effort you have both put into the dynamic you have while adding new rituals and memories to what you share.

Talk with Her, Not at Her

No list of relationship tips for men is complete without addressing communication. The ability to talk with your girlfriend is absolutely vital to the health of your relationship. You need to be able to discuss important issues together without talking over each other. Don’t cut her off mid-sentence, or start forming a counter-argument as soon as she speaks.

Look at her as she speaks. Hold her hand. These gestures show that you are truly listening and are actively invested in what she has to say. If you embrace active listening and mature conversation as basic life principles, then she will feel more comfortable about talking to you. The more you talk, the

Avoid Negativity

Using your girlfriend as some sort of living, breathing Wailing Wall is a surefire way to make things go south. If you tend to complain a lot about your life or have difficulty processing negative feelings in an adult manner, then she is going to feel like your relationship with her is just one massive heap of unhappiness. She may wonder what purpose there is to your dynamic if you are unhappy all the time. Perhaps she worries that this dissatisfaction will soon be turned on her. In any case, she may decide to leave you over this.

Constructive criticism about certain things is entirely healthy, but you have to detach yourself from feelings of negativity before you do it. You can say that you’re struggling with a project without taking out your frustration on your girlfriend. You can gently tell her that you don’t like her spaghetti and meatballs without also adding that undercooked pasta was the last thing you wanted after a bad day at work.

Love Yourself as Well as Your Girlfriend

Some relationship advice for guys has nothing to do with your girlfriend. It sounds a bit narcissistic, but healthy self-love can help you break destructive behavioral patterns that wreck relationships. If you try to use a relationship as a means of “fixing” yourself, you will end up disappointed. Eventually, you will push her away with your manifestations of insecure behavior. However, if you realize that you are the answer to these problems, then you can begin working on your self-esteem. In time, this will strengthen your relationship with your partner.

On a more basic level, she wouldn’t be in an active and healthy relationship with you if she didn’t love you. If you’re feeling down, try to see yourself as she see you. Think about the qualities that you possess and that she admires. They may be harder to recognize when you’re on your own, but when you take her view of you to heart they’ll clearly stand out.

Try a New Activity or Hobby Together

advice for helping men with datingCouples that get in a rut tend to stay that way until something jolts them out of their complacency. Unfortunately, that “something” is almost never anything pleasant.

Instead of waiting for her to lose interest and break up with you, why not plan to do a new activity together? If you both like exercising, why not go hiking together instead of slaving away in the gym at different times?

You could go to art galleries and exhibitions if you’re culture buffs. Perhaps you like to travel, but you’ve settled for Discovery Channel while sitting on the sofa. Why not take a weekend trip to a new location? Not only will you have something interesting to do together, you will also have something to talk about.

Keep the Spark Alive

Sex plays a big role in the health and happiness of many relationships. However, the amount of sex that we have in dating guide for menrelationships tends to decrease over time. Women can become just as dissatisfied with this situation as men do, and they are just as likely to end the relationship over it. So if you’re worried that this is what will end the dynamic you have with your girlfriend, you need to start holding her a little more often. Touching, kissing and hugging your girlfriend helps increase levels of oxytocin in the body.

This is a hormone that also works as a neurotransmitter in the human brain and promotes bonding between people. Sex is one occasion where this powerful hormone is released. You don’t necessarily have to buy a naughty game or shell out for some expensive lingerie. Don’t force it, but make an effort to set up situations where the time is right and there’s no pressure on either of you. Try going on a romantic getaway where you don’t leave the hotel.

By taking your relationship outside of its comfort zone, you can bring back some of the chemistry that you experienced at the beginning of your relationship. This has the benefit of helping your girlfriend recall the emotions that she felt during that time, which tend to be happy ones. She’ll be more likely to stick with you if she’s happy than if she isn’t.

Holding on to Your Girlfriend: a Constant and Worthwhile Effort!

Relationships take time and effort. If you are able to put in the work, the rewards are well worth it. Remember that you’re with your girlfriend for a reason. You like her company, you find her attractive and she adds a sense of fun and meaning to your life. No matter how trite or cheesy a gesture may seem to you, she will appreciate and adore the thought and effort you put into it. You owe to her and to yourself to give the relationship the best possible try that you can muster.

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