Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey—We React to Men’s Shocking Answers

Today  I’m going to provide you with another review of Michael Fiore’s work, only this time it is going to be the ‘Secret survey’. I will do my best to help you decide whether you should pursue the eBook because it will help you understand men perfectly, or whether you should avoid it because it is just a big fraud.

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Summary Of The Secret Survey By Michael Fiore

Secret Survey ManIn the pdf ebook and multimedia program, Michael Fiore reveals the complete and uncensored truth about men based on the secret survey results from 30,000 men.

This isn’t theory or information regurgitated from third-party information; the answers are from real clients of Michael, contacted to gain insight on male behavior.

The survey was simply one question: What is the one thing you wish your woman knew about men (that you would never tell her)?

The answers were compiled and developed into what is now known as The Secret Survey. The book is written for woman in general, but especially for those who want to understand their male partners better. The book is composed of ten chapters with one to a few exercises at the end of each chapter.

In the intro, Michael writes about his survey, what made him create the book out of it and what you should expect from it. Right here in the beginning I should tell you that the secret survey could be a bit of a shocker if you are not ready to hear the real truth about men. Next comes eight lessons with explanations of mens’ nature, why they lie to us, what could be the reason that your man doesn’t compliment you anymore, does he still really love you…etc.

Ever wondered why men stare at other women, why they cheat and what you can do to prevent it? In lessons five and six you are going to find out answers to these too-common behaviors. There is also a chapter about your appearance- how much does he care about it? Or does he care about it at all?

The last lesson is about what men want sexually – this is the most interesting part of Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey because you will find out things that as a woman, you may have very well been completely unaware of. In the end, Michael summarizes everything you have read so far.


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Breakdown Of Each Lesson 1-8


The author shares his part of history which made him become a relationship coach. This chapter is all about the guidelines concerning the ensuing content. You will need to get rid of the notion that men are Prince Charmings or the other end of the spectrum: men are manipulative cheating pigs. Then you will be introduced to the program, how it works and how to use it. Most importantly, you will find out everything that men desperately want you to know but would never tell you.

Lesson 1: Men Are Like Dogs

According to the author, everything you need to know about men you can learn from books about dogs. You will learn here why you can’t make your man talk about his feelings – for the same reason that you can’t make your dog speak. Instead you need to learn what his bark means.

Lesson 2: Why Men Lie to Women

Three main reasons are listed and thoroughly explained in Secret Survey. You will find out how hard it is for men to cope with their emotions and how they are, in fact, scared of women. But I assume that you all are aware of this fact. At chapter’s end there are hidden answers on how to get him to tell you the truth all the time and what to do if you can’t.

 Lesson 3: Why Doesn’t He Compliment Me Anymore?

This has a lot to with us ladies and how we act towards our partners. You are going to find out about big mistakes you are unknowingly committing and which are destroying your relationship. You will learn how to take a compliment and how to use a little trick for teasing your man.

Lesson 4: Does He Really Love Me?

Chapter 4 reveals how really kind and sweet a man can be, but it also shows us an ugly truth. You will find out the real reason that could be causing the problems in this area and learn six big concepts to help you move past that reason. These concepts are written with the intention of helping you but they could also have the unintended effect of disappointment in men and relationships.

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Lesson 5: Why Does He Look at Other Women?

What you read here, you may very well not want to hear. You will find out why men lust over other women and if that have something to do with you. Another big problem is discussed here: pornography. Do all men watch porn, what does that mean, does he want you to act like a porn star and what to do if pornography really bothers you.

Lesson 6: Why Men Cheat

This chapter contains loads of questions and answers regarding infidelity. It reveals why men (and woman) cheat, what it means when he is cheating on you, what goes through a man’s mind when he has an opportunity to cheat and how to make your relationship as cheat-proof as possible. You will also find out:

  • how common cheating is
  • whether or not flirting is cheating
  • discussion of whether the idea of monogamy is natural
  • the answer to the question of whether your man cheating or would he eventually cheat

Lesson 7: What Your Appearance Means to Him

The author warns you that you may be offended by the things you will read here. So, what you will see is what your man thinks about your physical appearance, why men are so shallow, and what they think of you not dressing up for them anymore. And if you’ve ever wondered what he is attracted to you primarily: mind, body or soul? Is a woman’s looks just a question of attraction for men or does it have deeper meaning (not emotionally deep though)? You will read some interesting stuff here, and in my opinion, not offensive at all in comparison to other lessons.

Lesson 8: What Men Want Sexually

Lesson eight of The Secret survey by Michael Fiore brings us the down-and-dirtiest, not to mention the longest chapter. So, you will find out what sex really means to men and how different it is from a woman’s point of view. Also, how often does your guy want sex and what does he want from you? You will be introduced to many mistakes that women make that are ruining their sex life and therefore their relationship. Don’t worry, they are quite easy to fix!

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Conclusion: Pros and Cons

So here is my summary of everything I have read and learned, loved and hated, approved and disapproved concerning the Secret Survey.

Pros (+)

I consider The Secret Survey to be highly educative and valuable for all women. Things are so clear after reading this, and it couldn’t be more obvious to any woman what she might be doing wrong in her relationship. This really is a holy grail of insider information for women.

I also liked the gradation of the lessons, how the author was considerate enough to warm us up before hitting us with the most shocking material towards the end. The book is well-written and structured, and I found it extremely easy to follow.

Cons (—)

The thing I really didn’t like is the author’s subjectivity. There are plenty of examples where Michael Fiore is reassuring us concerning certain ‘truths’ that I believe are not necessarily true for everyone. One example is the issue of genetic diversity, where the author interpreted the scientific facts in a way that justified his attitude towards monogamy.

To be totally honest, I would have preferred that the author didn’t tell us all of the truth; just half would have been enough to prove his point regarding men. This conjures up the scene in (ironically) “A Few Good Men,” where Jack Nicholson utters the famous line, “You can’t handle the truth!” I have actually spent half of my really young life thinking that men are good guys but now after reading this…wow. It really did help to understand men better but I read a lot of things I just didn’t want to know. michaelfioresecretsurvey.com

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