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make women want you pdf reviewHello guys! I have read the Make Women Want You pdf book and am ready to explain what it’s all about and if it is worth your time. You should keep in mind that this review is written by a woman, so I will let you know if these methods would work (and I’m a very strict judge so we’re good to go).

I understand that it is hard to believe that reading some random dude’s book is going to turn your love life upside down because there are probably a few books on attracting woman that have been a major disappointment.  So let me provide you with my female perspective and give you some valuable insight.

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Summary | Make Women Want You by Jason Capital

Jason Capital’s Make women want you book is written for all men, but especially for those who always somehow succeed in messing up their relationships with women. The idea of the book is for you to build up your self-esteem and become an amusing, dominant, real man who gets absolutely every woman he desires.

The Make women want you pdf is divided onto six chapters. The first two chapters are an introduction. In the first chapter you learn to overcome the idea of the “nice guy.” If you are ready to make some changes in the way you think and act towards women, then you are ready for the next chapter where you will literally be given the recipe for success. The recipe is made of three main ‘ingredients’ and the author will explain how to stir them properly and catch the girl.

Each of the next three chapters deals with its ingredient or, should I say, step of the process of pursuing the targeted woman. They are loaded with advice and examples on how to look, act, talk, flirt, tease and create great stories which will make you irresistible. These chapters are so extensive and well-elaborated that it seems it would be hard not to get a woman if you simply follow the pattern.

The last chapter is the most amusing and entertaining one. There is information on how to send the first text, how to handle a first date, pulling off that amazing first kiss and how that will lead to…well, you know!

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 Chapter 1

In the first chapter you are taught to reject your current belief system imposed by our society. The author lists seven common—but faulty—beliefs and suggests seven new ones which will make you become a “congruent man.” This chapter is about not holding back any more, expressing your personality, surrounding women with positive emotions, taking risks and becoming an irresistible girl magnet. And the most important lesson to learn before moving on to the next chapter is no more Mr. Nice guy!

Chapter 2

Now comes the answer to a well-known cliché question – “What do women want?“ I know that all you guys have struggled a thousand times with this question. Luckily, Capital exposes a precise 3-step formula. The formula is revealed and it comes with instructions on how it should be used and whether it is going to work on absolutely every living female being.

Chapter 3

Jason_Capital_eBookHere, you begin learning the rules of attraction. This is not just approaching a woman. There is a nifty little science lesson on how to stand out in order for a woman to notice you. Next, when you approach your target lady you need to create a conversation. Capital provides you a lot of great examples on how to be amusing, fun and challenging.

You also learn that all the amusing lines have no value if you don’t learn proper body language. This chapter will really give you all the tools necessary to pick up a woman, from the proper way to meet them to how to start pursuing them.  www.makewomenwantyounow.com

Chapter 4

In this chapter you will learn how to upgrade flirty small talk into “high value” small talk. So prepare yourself to learn how to tell a really good quality story when you are looking for women. As in Chapter 4, you will find real examples which you can apply to keep your desired woman curious, interested and attracted to you.

Chapter 5

The last of the 3-step formula: Chapter 5 is titled “Escalation.” Escalation is the phase that comes after teasing and creating emotional connection. So in this chapter, Capital shares a few proven and detailed stories that will score the date and make the woman chase you–not the other way around. Because YOU are the prize.

Chapter 6

After you’ve attracted the girl it is time to set up a date. Here you will find advice on how to handle text messaging, how you should act during the date and how to get to the first kiss. At this point, you are just using repetition of all the previous lessons. Sticking to the plan guarantees that you will become the master of the game, because you will never stop playing, you’ll be “pulling in and out” over and over again. For a more in-depth discussion focusing on texting, see this guide to messaging girls.

Cons ( — )

Generally, I agree with the author’s idea on how to meet women but I think that the content is too “age specific.” I can confirm to you that all of his tactics would work on young women (with maybe slight variations) but I’m not sure if a serious woman at a certain age would fall for a “pinky swear game,” for example. Every woman wants a strong man by her side but you should be cautious because an older woman may recognize some of the tricks from this make women want you pdf playbook.

Speaking of the strong man leads me to another point. According to Capital , every woman wants domination. I think that no healthy human being wants to be dominated, so to speak. Strong protective men with boundaries, yes. But not the domineering kind, because that doesn’t create a healthy relationship in my opinion.

Pros ( + )

And now the praise. If you follow these steps they really can do wonders for your love life. Because unlike some other books on attracting women, Make women want you could actually make women want you. Imagine that. With the exception of the domination part, I couldn’t find one thing that isn’t true for women. We are unbelievably complicated when it comes to picking a man, but Capital figured it out and captured it in three easy-to-follow steps. So, if you are willing to work for it, the Make woman want you pdf is for you.

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Another thing that I liked is how the book works on your character and mental makeup. I loved the idea of creating your own belief system and shedding the expectations that society imposes on you. It creates liberated people not afraid to stand up for themselves, which will not only help you command the attention of women, but also of coworkers, friends and family members. In my opinion, Make women want you by Jason Capital could very well be the missing ingredient for men who are ready to take control over every aspect of life, including their love life.

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