The Key Lock Sequence Explained

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The magnetic messaging key lock sequence refers to the 3-step texting system used to nab a date with the women you meet. The program developer, Bobby Rio, refers to this sequence as "key, turn and push" because it is like putting a key into a door lock, turning the key and pushing the door open. Here is the process in step-by-step directions:

  • Spark an emotion (key)
  • Make a connection (turn)
  • Handle logistics (push)
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    Next, I'll go into more detail about each step:

    Text #1: Spark an emotion (Key)

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    This text is designed to stand out from all the texts she will get from other guys. (She is attractive enough to get attention from other guys right)? Right. So your text needs to grab her attention and get a bit of emotion brewing. 

    It will require some cleverness and thinking outside the box. Not the creative type? That's okay. I'm not either, but the program gives several examples and explains the concept well enough that you will be able to craft some zingers that will get her juices flowing.

    Since this initial text is tied to your initial meeting with a girl, you'll need to know what to say during the encounter. This is because you will often refer back to this conversation when you send the first text. The program covers this as well, teaching you how to use the initial conversation to set up some nice texting action. Sometimes, the first meeting is very brief and you aren't able to do a lot with it. If that is the case, there are some texting examples that you can use that are still effective.

    Text #2: Make A Connection (Turn)

    Having sparked an emotion, you now use the momentum to make a connection with your pre-girlfriend. Text #2 is pivotal, because it sets up the final step. Here, you are trying to forge a bit of a bond and let her know you "get" her and are not just like every other meathead guy sending her random, boring or insulting texts. Again, there are many examples that show you how to get this right.

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    Text #3: Handle Logistics (Push)

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    Ok it's showtime -- the final text in the key lock sequence.Like the previous texts, this one is designed to demonstrate that you are different from the herd, but in this text, you put your aim squarely on securing a date. 

    Too soon you say? After only a couple of texts? That was my initial reaction. But as I read through the program, I realized that there is a certain genius to this method and that in the past I had all too often sent way too many texts that got me way too little results.

    Although there is a lot of talk about the "magnetic messaging 3 texts," sometimes it takes more than three to lock down a date on her calendar. That is why the third text is dubbed "handle logistics," because you don't know the response you are going to get and you have to know how to react.

    At this point, you are close to sealing the deal, but one wrong move (uhm, text) and you can blow the whole deal. The program teaches how to smoothly navigate this step and add a hot date to your calendar.

    Key Lock Sequence Examples

    For a few messaging examples, see the video below:

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    The Key Lock Sequence Unlocked

    As you can see, all three (or more) texts build and rely on each other. If you crash and burn on text one or two, you don't make it to the final, date-making text. If you ace texts one and two but screw up the final text, you're just another dude who got close but couldn't finish the drill.

    A wrong word here or there could be the difference in you nabbing a date or spending the week alone, so I recommend grabbing The Magnetic Messaging Program as your blueprint to getting this whole process right.

    If you want to read my main review of the program, click here ==> Magnetic Messaging Review. I discuss more about the program-- both pros and cons--along with my experiments in using the system. Good luck and happy texting!

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