Capture His Heart PDF Review–A Motiive Exclusive Take

I’ve just finished reading my pdf version of ‘Capture his heart’ eBook and am here to share my reading experience with you. You have every right to question whether it’s worth a look since all dating books seem to promise the moon. So join me for a few minutes and enjoy my Capture His Heart review; I’ll start with a quick summary then jump deeper in for you detail-loving ladies!

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The book is written for all those single ladies who still haven’t found the one that they are looking for. But it’s also a nice read for those in a relationship or married—you may learn something new.

So, this ‘love manual’ is divided into four main parts. All the content is housed in the member’s area. Each part has its own space with videos, content downloads and a community of women who are also working through the course. All the parts are released over a 2-week period due to “building blocks” nature of the course. In the first part you will be introduced to the book in general. It contains advice and explanations of male behavior that you will have to embrace in order to continue. Oh, and there’s a quiz at the end so you’ll need to pay attention 😉

Part two: Learn to be a confident, astonishing and sexy woman who knows how to seduce a man. After reading it you will know how to turn conversations into gold, take advantage of every little thing that drives your man and while doing all of this, tease and tantalize him.

After Parts 1 & 2 you will have gained the dating knowledge and expertise and put it into action. In the third part it’s time to decide whether you want commitment or not and which type of man is perfect for you.

In the last part, you’re taking the same quiz again and thinking about commitments, marriage and so on. You will bump into few new helpful tips, including the most important one — that you should never stop being engaged.

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Part 1: Unlocking His Head (And Looking Inside)

OP_CLAIRE-09-202x300Claire Casey is introducing us with the type of woman Capture his heart is written for — funny and smart but constantly in the search for her perfect man.

And no, there is nothing wrong with wanting the best for yourself and not settling for just any guy, because the point of this part of the book is to appreciate and value yourself, which will point you in the right direction of the perfect match for you. Next comes taking the quiz which will help you realize your starting point with the book.

You will also find out why men love to chase women so much and why the right ones are not finding and chasing you.

This is not about your flaws; it’s just about men being simple and woman not being that simple. And before you get down to business you should get rid of your visions of a perfect man, forget about the past, embrace and love yourself!

 Part 2: Unleashing Your Inner Siren

This part contains ten chapters, eight of which are divided by hours. By each chapter, or should I say hour, you will be learning more and more about working your magic. In the first hours you will be creating in yourself a confident woman which men crave, and while you are at it, creating some important “you time.” How to seduce him with your eyes and body is what follows. After you learn about your own body language, it is time to learn how to read it in others.

The next two hours are for creating conversations — talk like you make love, show your interest in their life, encourage them and admire them. We are at hour six now — at the most exciting part where the author reveals what REALLY drives men and how you can use this to your advantage. capturehisheartprogram.com

In hour seven, all that is left to learn is how to tease him in every possible way: with the way you smell, talk, walk or even eat! The last step is to show him how fabulous your life is. But it’s not all about learning how to act. You will be warned about 7 deadly mistakes that you must avoid at the end of this part.

Part 3: Holly S*it, It’s Working…Now what?

At this point you have become a “man magnet” with your own “man- buffet.” Now it is time to sort them–the keepers from the “Throw-Em-Backs,” and ask yourself what it is that you want at this point regarding the relationship. Then comes the most fun part, picking from the buffet.

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Author Claire Casey reviews 15 different types of men, so it is time to order one (or few) from the buffet. Claire is of course going to tell you how. And next, the list of ten signs that will show you if he is marriage material. This is definitely an important part because at this point you need to decide if it’s time to commit or …keep dating and exploring.

Part 4: Keep Him Panting At Your Feet…Forever!

There is a bit of polishing of what you’ve learned so far in this last part of the book. We are going to find out if it’s OK to have sex on the first date. And should you be the first one to say I love you? If you have decided to commit, you can feast on a few more tips, the do’s and don’ts of every relationship.

Also, if your man turned out to be marriage material according to the previous part, that doesn’t mean that he is ready. Luckily, here are 12 signs that are going to show you whether he is…or not. To this point, you have learned everything you should and all that is left now is to never stop trying and to keep the fire alive.

Cons (-)

At times, while reading the Capture His Heart (And Make Him Love You Forever), I felt like the guide suggests that you should manipulate men and play games with them. I believe that you can’t really plan how to win one’s heart; love should be spontaneous- either it will happen for you or it won’t. I’m not sure why the emphasis is on the woman being the one who is indulging and initiating all the time. Maybe the book should cover more about a man’s responsibilities in a relationship too (but yes, I am aware that this is written for women).

This is the picture of the man that I got from this book: He is totally clueless, he doesn’t know what to do with himself unless there is a woman to show him, and he doesn’t know how to talk about feelings nor talk in general for that matter. And that is not a man who I would want to date in the first place.

 Pros (+)

While the man described in Capture His Heart is not necessarily my type, the reality is there are millions of men out there that fit the description. And for all you women out there that find yourself in a relationship with them, this guide gives you a good chance of helping you whip him into relationship material.

The book is great for building every woman’s self esteem, it is encouraging and I love how Claire tells her reader how beautiful, smart, independent and capable she is, which is an important part of the method; a confident woman is always capable of attracting people in general, not just men.

I also loved the tone of the book — it’s cheerful and contains humorous anecdotes which make it so easy to read. Another thing that I really appreciate is that Claire Casey is not a psychologist; she is a regular woman who shares her personal problems, which are the catalyst for her writing this book. That earned my respect, and I suspect that her candor and style will endear her to the other readers of capture his heart as well.

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