How To Attract Women

how to attract guysHow To Attract Women — Laser Targeted Tips For Men

If you’re wondering about how to attract girls and get them interested in you, then you might think that you need to become some kind of exaggerated version of yourself. This couldn’t be further from the truth! However, you also don’t have to be self-deprecating and dismissive of your positive traits.

We often find ourselves repeating the same behavioral patterns again and again without thinking about how this affects our dating prospects. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or completely new to the dating scene, it can really help to get some outside perspective on what attracts women to men.


Here are some tips on how to attract women. Focus on improving each aspect below one at a time and try not to rush things too much. Good things – and good people – come to those who wait.

How To Attract Girls in 3 Essential Steps


Confidence is tough. If you feel like you don’t have it, it can completely cripple your game. You’ll get into a feedback loop of self-loathing and insecurity, which makes it hard for you to reach out to others.

Women won’t be attracted to you if you can’t see yourself as being a worth recipient of that attraction. Basically, it’s a recipe for dating disaster.

Confidence is a huge factor in how women are attracted to men. Being able to present yourself as assured, calm and capable will pretty much make you a lightning rod for attention. If you struggle with self-confidence, then the best thing to do is simply be yourself. Be cool, calm and collected when you approach women who pique your interest. Pretending that you are some sort of bastion of self-confidence may make you come off as a bit of a try-hard who believes that he’s not good enough for anyone.

Above all, remember desperation is the worst cologne. People can pick up on it straight away. Don’t whine, grovel or talk badly about yourself or about previous relationships and hookups in the hope that you’ll score a phone number or a pity date. If you talk about yourself or past partners in a deprecating manner, a woman is highly likely to believe you’ll talk about her in the same way some day.

The truth is, we all struggle with our self-perception from time to time. Women do too. Everyone will have a crisis of confidence at some point in their lives, but this doesn’t have to stop you from trying attract a woman.

Confidence is a major focus of Jason Capital’s Make Women Want You system. I highly recommend it for advanced tips on turbo-charging your self-esteem and how to be irresistible to women.


Communication is about so much more than just talking. Being a good listener is also incredibly important, especially when it comes to meeting women. Let’s break it down into the different ways that people communicate with each other.

Small Talk

making small talkSo you’re out and you see a woman who you think is pretty and interesting. You want to start talking to her, but you don’t know what to say. Maybe you clam up and become unable to answer basic questions. No matter what the reason, everyone could use a refresher course on how to talk to the object of their attraction!

Try to initiate a conversation with a question or a request. After she’s passed you a napkin or let you know what restaurant makes the best late-night tacos, you can talk to her about other subjects. Ask her about herself, about her likes and dislikes. Let her lead the conversation as you ask questions. You may find that she opens up to you as time goes on. Try to find common ground, as this will be important if you keep talking to her regularly.

Be aware of body language. If she doesn’t appear to be responsive or is constantly looking over your shoulder or hers, then it’s probably not a good time to chat her up. Let it go gracefully and move on with your evening.

Regular Conversation

After you have successfully started a conversation, how do you keep it going? Talking about politics and the weather are both pretty good ways to get shut down.

One of the best ways to keep a woman attracted to you is to find common interests. If you share a passion for something, you can discuss and explore it together. Maybe you’re both massive fans of horror films. If she’s never seen the original Night of the Living Dead, then bring it over to her place so you can watch it. If you both like going to museums, take her to a special exhibition. Activities that are shared together can be discussed together. After a few meet-ups or dates, you can start talking more about your lives and where you want things to go.


So you’ve gotten a phone number after chatting away with someone who has really caught your attention. Things are going well, and you want to make sure that they stay that way. Make sure that you keep her attention by staying in touch. No one really calls anyone these days unless it’s an emergency, so you’ll most likely be texting her more often than not. The multitude of texting platforms has sadly not made it any easier for men to attract women and foster positive and fun relationships.

If she texts you, text her back in a reasonable amount of time. Let her take the lead on how long the periods of silence are. If she takes half an hour to respond, wait half an hour to text her back. Even if you’re over the moon about her, don’t spam her with eight text messages in an hour. It’s just bad form. The point is to come across as a normal person who replies to women’s texts in an appropriate time frame.

Above all, remember that she has a life just like you do. If you don’t get a response straight away, it’s most likely not because she’s suddenly decided that she hates you. She might be at work or visiting with a friend. One thing is for sure – don’t get too clingy via text. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure that she’ll second guess her attraction to you.

For a master course on how to woo a woman with texting, Magnetic Messaging is a must read. It shows you what attracts women and how to utilize the key lock sequence to snag a date with a girl with just three texts.

Fashion, Style and Grooming

fashion and style for menTaking care of yourself and your personal hygiene is absolutely essential to being a functional member of society. It will also up your chances of attracting a date.

As basic as it sounds, a surprising number of men are too lax when it comes to hygiene. Shower every day. Wash your clothes, bedding and towels regularly.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on toiletries – you just have to be consistent about cleanliness. If you wear cologne, don’t overapply it. Spray a bit into the air in front of you and walk through the mist instead of blasting a concentrated amount of it onto your skin.

Fashion is a bit trickier, as everyone has their own unique sense of style. If you force yourself to wear something that doesn’t make you feel very confident, then you’ll come across as uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. Make sure that your clothing fits you appropriately and is in a color and style that you like.

You also need to take care of your hair and grooming as well. If you have a beard or a moustache, keep it trimmed and tidy. Go for a haircut regularly, as this will keep your hair in good shape. If you’re really, really going bald then hiding it with a comb-over or a lot of product is just going to make you look as if you are trying too hard. Consider cutting it very short or buzzing it entirely.

First impressions and appearances are incredibly important when it comes to attracting a woman. If the first thing she sees is a person in ill-fitting clothing sporting a bad haircut and scraggly beard, then she’s less likely to approach you or respond to your attempts to talk to her. You can go a long way towards attracting women by taking care of yourself and putting your best face forward.

To ramp up your grooming, style and fitness, you should definitely check out The Handsome Factor. It’s the most comprehensive guide on improving your appearance that I have seen.

Attracting Women: the Role You Play

In the end, what will make you attractive to women is what you can offer them as a person. Take a minute and try to see yourself through their eyes. Are you someone who can share fun and valuable life experiences with them? Are you a person who is living life to the fullest extent possible? Do you have things in common with the woman to whom you’re attracted? If so, you stand a good chance of attracting a great woman who will be the perfect complement to the lifestyle that you lead. Good luck and have fun!

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