The 99 Best Texts

The "99 Best Texts Of All Time" report is an included bonus of the Magnetic Messaging Program. It is a very useful companion to the main guide. This is because the main guide discusses the type of texts you should use, when to use them and why to use them.

And while there are a few example texts and text exchanges, the purpose of the main guide was explaining how everything works.

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Enter your text That's where the "99 Best Texts" comes in handy--giving you a lot of texts for a lot of different scenarios. You can use these texts exactly as they are written while you are getting used to the system. 

But these 99 texts are also like training wheels on a bike in that they teach you the basics until you are ready to start using the principles to come up with your own creative, original texts tailored to your situation....

I will contact Bobby Rio, the author of the program in the near future to see if I can get permission to list a few examples in this post. Until then, I can tell you that these are not a bunch of lame, boring texts that you are used to sending and that girls are used to getting.

They are clever and out-of-the-box messages that will most definitely grab the attention of pretty much any girl. And although I don't yet have permission to give you examples from the MM guide, I will give you the sections of the report to give you an idea of the categories involved:

Grab The Best Dating Texts Here!

99 Best Text Report Sections


Response Bait

These are texted designed to get the attention of your pre-girlfriend and entice her to send you a response.


The Day After

These are messages about your initial meeting


Making Plans

As the title suggests, these texts are examples of how to pull the trigger and ask for a meet-up


Golden Responses

Again, largely self-explanatory; these are good comebacks to her message


Getting Sexual

How to be flirty/sexual without being weird or creepy



Texts for various situations not covered elsewhere in the program 


Random Humor

Funny texts to use when a lighter tone is needed

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